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What is River Heritage Conservancy?

A non-profit group set up to construct and operate a linear public park system.  It’s similar to The Nature Conservancy, except focused on the specific Ohio River waterfront area in Floyd and Clark Counties.


Who run the Conservancy?

We have a seven-person board of local business leaders.  The board has appointed a full time staff director to manage the day-to-day activities as we ramp up.  This is all privately funded by people that believe in the power of parks to make our community a better place.


What’s the difference between a greenway and what you mean when you say “linear park”?

A greenway is a narrow pathway focused on activities that use pathways or waterways (walking, biking, paddlesports) while a linear park is broader and incorporates larger park amenities like lawns, playgrounds, event space, and conservation areas, in addition to greenway activities.  The Louisville Loop is a greenway and The Parklands is a linear park.  The Ohio River Greenway is nearly complete.  We will wrap it with a world-class linear park.  This will make it attractive and something people want to use and visit with greater frequency.


Will River Heritage Conservancy take the place of the Greenway Commission?

No, far from it.    Our new conservancy will work in partnership with the localities and existing greenway organizations to build a world-class linear park system along the greenway.  We will develop a strong partnership with the Commission as we collaborate to make our community healthier, greener, and more integrated with its river corridor.


How is this different from the work already being done by the localities?

As a non-profit, we can focus on park development through private/public partnerships and fund raising.  Our status as an independent organization means we are focused on the linear park with 100% of our attention.


How much will this cost?

Too early to say.  While a refresh has been done, the next step will be a master plan.  Within this, we will likely adopt a phasing approach.  Nothing will be built unless the funds are secured to build and the business plan ready to go to ensure world-class maintenance and operations.


Who will raise the money to build the new parks?

The Conservancy


Who will pay for the operation of the new parks?

The Conservancy


Who do you look at as models for this type of work?

The Parklands of Floyds Fork, Bernheim Forest, Central Park (NYC), and Shelby Farms in Memphis are all successful models.


Doesn’t this seem like too large of a project for our area?

Absolutely not.  When Louisville hired Olmsted and built out his park system, it only had 204,000 residents. We have 194,000 residents in Floyd and Clark Counties.   Our region does not yet have a signature systemic park system – we are excited to work with the region to build it and meet the needs of the over XX people that call Southern Indiana and the greater Louisville region home.


Any other questions – have them call or email Scott Martin.





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